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In 2015, the Texas Legislature adopted House Bill 1295, which added section 2252.908 of the Government Code. The law states that a governmental entity or state agency may not enter into certain contracts with a business entity unless the business entity submits a disclosure of interested parties to the governmental entity or state agency at the time the business entity submits the signed contract to the governmental entity or state agency. The law applies only to a contract of a governmental entity or state agency that either (1) requires an action or vote by the governing body of the entity or agency before the contract may be signed or (2) has a value of at least $1 million. The disclosure requirement applies to a contract entered into on or after January 1, 2016.

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Hotel Motel Tax


1. The City of Port Aransas requires that a 7% Hotel/Motel Tax be collected on any room/house/condo that is rented on a daily/weekly basis (less than 30 consecutive days). This tax is due and payable on the 20th day of the following month. If not paid within 60 days of this due date, interest is added at 10% per annum. If not paid within 90 days, a 15% penalty on the total tax due the City will be imposed.

2. Please contact City Hall Finance Department at 361-749-4111 to register your rental property and to be placed on our monthly mailing list.

3. The reporting period is on a monthly basis. After you register, approximately 15 days prior to the end of the month, a Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Report will be mailed out.

4. Total Hotel/Motel Tax to be collected in the Port Aransas area is 13%.
The breakdown of the 13% in taxes is as follows: City 7% and State 6%.
The State portion is reported and remitted to the State.

5. Daily/Weekly rentals are only permitted in areas zoned R-2 and above.

For your convenience, you may download and complete the Hotel/Motel Tax Form.

Upon completion, simply print and submit to the City of Port Aransas along with your payment.

City of Port Aransas
Finance Department
710 West Avenue A
Port Aransas, TX 78373

Simply click on Hotel-Motel Tax Form below to download.