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Current Property Tax Rate for FY 2007/2008: .28577¢ per $100.00 valuation

Property Tax Rate for FY 2006/2007: .297¢ per $100.00 valuation

2007 Property Tax Rates
2007 Tax Rates Nueces County

Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax History
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Sales Tax Rates:
Entity Rate
State 6.25%
County Transportation Authority 0.50%
City 1.50%
Total 8.25%
Population History
Year Population Increase From Lastr Census
1950 551
1960 824
1970 1218 394
1975 Estimate 1474
1980 1968 750
1982 Estimate 2212
1990 2233
2000 3370 1137

General Election:
The City Secretary serves as the Election Administrator and coordinates all elections including a Joint Election for the City of Port Aransas, Port Aransas Independent School District and Nueces County Water Control and Improvement District No. 4.held on the second Saturday in May of each year. The Water District #4 Election is held every two years. In the event another date is mandated by Texas Election Code, then the election will be held on the date mandated by such code, and if code provides for a choice of dates, then the date which is nearest to the second Saturday in May will be used.

Election by Majority Vote Required: A majority vote for an elective office is that number of votes which is greater than one half (1/2) of the total number of valid ballots cast for the office concerned.

For detailed information regarding application for a place on the election ballot or election schedule please contact the City Secretary's Office at 361-749-4111 fax: 361 749-4101. Email at: or

Elections are held in accordance to the Texas Election Code, Election Order and/or Port Aransas City Charter.

City of Port Aransas Voting History:

Petitions (Initiative, Referendum and Recall)
General authority:
According to the Port Aransas City Charter Article VI Sec. 1, "The qualified voters of the City of Port Aransas shall have the power to propose ordinances to the city council, to require reconsideration by the city council of any adopted ordinances, and to revoke the office of elected city officials. Initiative power may be used to enact a new ordinance, or to repeal or to amend sections of an existing ordinance, except ordinances appropriating money or levying of taxes, or ordinances repealing ordinances, appropriating money or levying the taxes, not in conflict with this Charter, the state constitution or the state laws."

Please contact the City Secretary's Office for filing requirement and see Article VI of the Port Aransas City Charter for details and procedure.

Year Voted May/Elect No. Reg. Voters Voter Turn-out
1932 40
1934 24
1960 161
1970 328
1975 Estimate
1980 508 1432 45%
1982 Estimate
1990 572 2173 27%
2000 581 2994 19%
2003 926 3060 30%
2004 1255 3221 39%
2005 801 3206 25%
2006 1346 3378 39%
2006 Run Off 1033 3378 31%
2007 507 3162 16.09%
2008 981 3221 30%