Departmental & Staff Directory

Contacts for Each Department


 Name                                                    Title                                                     Phone

Randy Hansen Airport Manager 361-749-4008


Charles Bujan Mayor 361-749-4111 Ext 223
David Parsons City Manager 361-749-4111 Ext 224
Julie Campbell Exec. Assist. to City Manager 361-749-4111 Ext 210
Sarai Jimenez Receptionist 361-749-4111 Ext 225

City Secretary
Francisca Nixon City Secetary 361-749-4111 Ext 217

Finance Department
Darla Honea Finance Director 361-749-4111 Ext 212
Monique Fake Chief Accountant 361-749-4111 Ext 211
Amy Jamison Finance Admin Assistant 361-749-4111 Ext 218
Rhonda Kahn Finance Clerk 361-749-4111 Ext 213

Human Resources
Emily Brown Human Resources Assistant 361-749-4111 Ext 219

Information Technology Department
Peggy Werth Information Technology Director 361-749-4111 Ext 232


Rick Gleason Animal Control Officer 361-749-5941
Naomi Medrano Animal Control Officer 361-749-5941


Bobby Sherwood Constable 361-749-5211


Rick Adams Director 361-749-4111 Ext 233

Building Department
Don Pratt Building Official 361-749-4111 Ext 215
Karrah Bass Building Permit Clerk/Inspections 361-749-4111 Ext 235
Laura Marquardt Building Permit Clerk 361-749-4111 Ext 216

Code Enforcement
David Drake Code Enforcement Officer 361-749-4111 Ext 221
Carla Vanzant Code Enforcement Officer 361-749-4111 Ext 216

Planning & Zoning
Nicole Boyer Planning & Zoning Assistant 361-749-4111 Ext 234


Sylvia Cortez Facilities Coordinator 361-749-4111 Ext 222
Rosalinda Santos Crew Leader 361-749-4111 Ext 222
Jamfong Bartholetti Custodian 361-749-4111 Ext 222
Amy Johnson Custodian 361-749-4111 Ext 222
Mary Ann Sproessig Custodian 361-749-4111 Ext 222


Adam Maldonado Fire Chief 361-749-5214
Vinton James Assistant Fire Chief 361-749-5214
Nathan Kelley Fire Marshal 361-500-7578
Nathan Arnold Fire Captain 361-749-5214
Pete Arzola Fire Captain 361-749-5214
John McKinney Fire Captain 361-749-5214
James Adams Firefighter 361-749-5214
Jonathan Gillespie Firefighter 361-749-5214
Chris Gohlke Firefighter 361-749-5214
Andrew Hansen Firefighter 361-749-5214
William Hogan Firefighter 361-749-5214
Parker Medford Firefighter 361-749-5214
Floyd Parrett Firefighter 361-749-5214
Cody Redman Firefighter 361-749-5214
Chris Shanklin Firefighter 361-749-5214
Toby Smith Firefighter 361-749-5214
Timothy Templeton Firefighter 361-749-5214
Victor Valdivia Firefighter 361-749-5214
Michael Wren Firefighter 361-749-5214
Johnny Young Firefighter 361-749-5214


Mitchell Ortiz Director 361-749-6330
Gloria Lara Utility Clerk 361-749-4111 Ext 231
Anne Alfeo Gas Utility Worker 361-749-6330

Devin De La Rosa

Gas Utility Worker 361-749-6330
James Freeman Gas Records/Compliance 361-749-6330
Paul Fuentes Gas Utility Foreman 361-749-6330
Cyril Garcia Gas Utility Worker 361-749-6330
Greg Harris Gas Utility Worker 361-749-6330
Kai Lann Gas Utility Worker 361-749-6330


Dan Bond Harbor Master 361-749-5429
Madison Warburton Office Clerk 361-749-5429
Ralph Manning Marina Worker 361-749-5429
Tom McQuoid Marina Worker 361-749-5429


Britton Adams Court Clerk 361-749-4111


Colleen Simpson Director 361-749-4158
Pam Greene Program Coordinator 361-749-4158
Ken Yarbrough Recreation Coordinator 361-749-4158

Jackson Roblee Surf Rescue Manager 361-244-6459

Community Pool
Heather Arnold Pool Manager 361-749-2416
Haley Hill Assistant Pool Manager 361-749-2416
Kaci Garcia-Esparza Pool Lifeguard 361-749-2416

Grounds Department
David Lown Supervisor 361-749-4158
Martin Bailey Groundskeeper 361-749-4158
Cary P. Calhoun Groundskeeper 361-749-4158
Robert Grimes, Jr. Groundskeeper 361-749-4158
Ronald McCartney Groundskeeper 361-749-4158
Emilio Pena, III Groundskeeper 361-749-4158
Johnny Rodriguez Groundskeeper 361-749-4158
Dustin Stewart Groundskeeper 361-749-4158

Nature Preserve
Rae Mooney Nature Preserve Manager 361-749-0081
Jacquelyn Romeyn Grounds Technician 361-749-0081
Gilbert J. "Justin" Quintanilla Grounds Technician 361-749-0081


Chief of Police
Scott Burroughs Police Chief 361-749-6241

Command Staff
James Stokes Executive Lieutenant 361-749-6241
Sherri West Executive Assistant 361-749-6241

Criminal Investigation
Joseph Rivas Supervising Sergeant of CID 361-749-6241
Cody Clark Detective 361-749-6241

Patrol Division
Monty Allen Senior Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Brett Boyer Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Esther Dodd Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Stephen Flores Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Alan Graham Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Scott Grumbles Senior Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Jonathan Haber Senior Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Kelly Henson Senior Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Matt Johnson Patrol Sergeant 361-749-6241
Olan Kelley Patrol Sergeant 361-749-6241
Carlos Lopez Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Gena Oestreich Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Brandon Riedel Senior Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Colby Scudder Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Todd Thomasson Senior Patrol Officer 361-749-6241
Travis Waddell Patrol Sergeant 361-749-6241
Houston Yarberry Patrol Officer 361-749-6241

K-9 Unit
Matt Johnson Patrol Officer 361-749-6241

School Resource Officer
Brett Boyer Patrol Officer 361-749-6241

Communications Division
Brandi Smith Dispatch Supervisor 361-749-6241
Melissa Fogerty Dispatcher 361-749-6241
Cierra Nichols Dispatcher 361-749-6241
Melinda Ramos Dispatcher 361-749-6241
Tammy Stewart Dispatcher 361-749-6241
April Zambrano Dispatcher 361-749-6241
Vacant Dispatcher 361-749-6241

Alex Luzadas Parking Enforcement Officer Clerk 361-749-6241

Victoria Ponder Records Clerk 361-749-6241


Doug Turner Interim Director 361-749-5125
Michael T. Sanchez Streets Operations Supervisor 361-749-5125
Josie Ginter Administrative Assistant 361-749-5125
Joseph Arzola Beach Crew 361-749-5125
James Cluiss Beach Crew 361-749-5125
Ryan F. Doughty Beach Crew 361-749-5125
Carlos Elizondo, Jr. Street Crew 361-749-5125
Albert Flores Street Crew 361-749-5125
Jason Ford Heavy Equipment Operator 361-749-5125
William F. Frasier Mechanic's Helper 361-749-5125
Gage Gomez Beach Crew 361-749-5125
James Hernandez Heavy Equipment Operator 361-749-5125
Anthony Jaramillo Collection Station/ Street Crew 361-749-5125
Randy King Heavy Equipment Operator 361-749-5125
Rene Lopez Mechanic Supervisor 361-749-5125
Hal Matte Mechanic 361-749-5125
Donald Orman Beach Crew 361-749-5125
Mario Quintanilla, Sr. Beach Crew 361-749-5125
Michael Richardson Street Crew 361-749-5125
Mark Rochester Street Crew 361-749-5125
Ryan Solis Beach Crew 361-749-5125
Antonio Uvalle Street Crew 361-749-5125


Sarai Jimenez Receptionist
361-749-4111 Ext 210


Rhonda Kahn Finance Clerk/Utilities 361-749-4111
Gloria Lara Utilities Clerk 361-749-4111

Transfer Station Disposal
David Thompson Gatekeeper 361-749-7463
Duncan Neblett Justice of the Peace 361-749-4111  


Mikaela Laurent County Clerk 361-749-5108  
Mark Young Director 361-749-5201