Police Department

Mission Statement:
"To ensure public safety through public service."

The Port Aransas Police Department is dedicated to ensuring public safety to those who live, work, and vacation in the City of Port Aransas. We succeed through partnerships with our community of residents, businesses, and tourism advocates to maintain the highest levels of public service with the goal of enriching the quality of life expected within the City of Port Aransas. We provide our service based on our core values of personal accountability, professionalism, duty, commitment, objectivity, and public safety.

Vision: The Port Aransas Police Department will be on the forefront of the law enforcement profession and will strive to exceed the expectations of our constituents.

By utilizing the most effective methods in providing quality police services, we will ensure professionalism through education, technology, and personal responsibility. Members of the Police Department will be progressive thinking advocates of public safety and encourage participation from community leaders that empowers stakeholders while establishing goals and accountability for those involved. These professional associations will form a medium where public safety concerns can be anticipated and addressed by initiating and maintaining positive relationships with neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and other members of our community.


Personal Accountability: Our individual obligation to meet the highest professional standards by conducting our own lives ethically, with integrity, respect, and responsibility, while on and off duty.

Professionalism: Our duty to meet or exceed the highest standards of the law enforcment profession by gaining an expertise of laws, rules, and values through continuous training, education and mentoring and to fully utilize our skills to achieve our mission.

Duty: Our responsibility to provide both public safety and public service to enrich the quality of life for our constituents by being not only law enforcers but also problem solvers.

Commitment: Our absolute dedication to the success of the Port Aransas Police Department by working with our partners (internal and external) to achieve our mission and to uphold our core values.

Objectivity: Our commitment to seek the truth and enforce the spirit of the law when we can and the letter of the law only when we must, without prejudice or personal biases.

Public Safety: Our professional responsibility to protect the life, liberty, and property of every person through equitable enforcement of laws and strict adherence to constitutional principles.

As PA.P.D.COPS, these values are engraved in our very name.