Airport Advisory Board

The Airport Advisory Board was created in 1991 by adoption of Ordinance No. 1991-11.

Eligibility: The Board is composed of five (5) members and one (1) alternate member. At least four (4) members shall be qualified votes of the City and one (1) may be a non-resident. Members are appointed for two-year terms. No person having financial interest in any commercial carrier by air or in any concession, right or privilege to conduct any business or render any service for compensation upon the premises of the municipal airport shall be eligible for membership on the Board.

Duties: The Board shall (1) make general studies of airport construction and operation in keeping the municipal airport efficient and adequate for the needs of the City; (2) make recommendations to the City Council in respect to construction, expansion, improvements, maintenance and operation of Mustang Beach Municipal Airport; (3) call the City Manager's attention to any failure of city personnel to carry out any orders or policies adopted by the City Council; and (4) acting in an advisory capacity, work toward the general improvement of Airport.

1 Mark Creighton 2020-2022  
2 Ken Marsh 2019-2021  
3 Mark Dulaney 2019-2021  
4 Mark Grosse 2019-2021  
5 Steven Wilson 2020-2022  

Michael Dayon

Staff Liaison David Parsons City Manager  
Staff Liaison Stephanie Montgomery Executive Asst. Board Secretary