Charter Review Commission

Commission Appointees

Jim Atwill

Betsy Churgai

Charlie Zahn

Arnold Govella

Michele Lorette


The City Council shall appoint, at its first regular meeting in July of every fourth year after approval of this Charter, a charter review commission of five citizens of the city.

Duties. (1) Inquire into the operation of the city government under the Charter and determine whether any provisions require revision. To this end public hearings may be held; the commission may compel the attendance of any officer or employee of the city and require submission of any city records it deems necessary to conduct the hearings; (2) Propose any recommendations it deems desirable to insure compliance with the Charter by the departments of the city government; (3) Propose amendments to the Charter to improve the effective application to current conditions; and (4) Report its findings and present its amendments, if any, to the city council.

Action by city council. The city council shall: (1) Receive the commission report;
(2) Maintain a copy of said report in the office of the city secretary for review by the public in such office; (3) Make copies of such report available to any citizen for reasonable cost of copying; and (4) Publish a notice in the official newspaper stating that the report has been received by the city council, that it is on file in the city secretary's office, and is available for review without charge in said office, and that copies of said report are available for reasonable copying cost; (5) Consider any recommendations made by the commission; (6) Order any, all, or none of the amendments recommended by the commission and/or any other amendments which the council in its discretion desires to submit to the voters of the city in the manner provided by Texas Local Government Code, Section 9.004, et seq., as now written or hereafter amended.

Term of office. The term of office of the commission shall be six (6) months, at the end of which time a report shall be presented to the city council and all records or proceedings of the commission shall be filed with the city secretary and become a public record.

(Section 30 amended by Charter election of January 21, 1984; Charter election of November 3, 1987; Charter election of May 4, 1991.