Building FAQs

Yes. Anyone doing contracting work in the City of Port Aransas needs to be licensed here regardless of where else they may be licensed.
BEFORE you start any work you need to obtain a permit. If you have started working without a permit, you can be assessed a fine.
This depends on the type of permit you are applying for.

Please see building online forms at the left of the Building Department page for all forms. Forms have documents that are required at time of application . WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INCOMPLETE PACKETS.

For an Electrical, Mechanical, or Plumbing permit, fill out the appropriate permit application form.

For a Siding, Roofing or Sign permit you will need to fill out the Building Permit application form and the following item:

  1. TX. Dept. of Ins. Form WPI-2 or WPI-2D or letter from licensed professional engineer, stating design compliance and/or responsibility for inspections; OR TX. Dept. of Insurance Form WP-1 from owner or builder.